Bathroom Exhaust Fan Installation & Replacements

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HP Electrical offers a wide range of professional and reliable fan installation services across Sydney, including bathroom exhaust fan installation and bathroom exhaust fan replacement. Our highly experienced and friendly team is ready to advise and assist with any bathroom fan installation services you may require.

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With the bathroom being the moistest environment within a household, getting the right professionals for the job is essential. With over 12 years of earnest and dedicated experience, HP Electrical can offer you added service benefits such as:

  • Experienced & Passionate service.
  • Responsive & Timely solutions.
  • Extensive Post-Service Clean Up. 
  • Highly Trained & Licensed Technicians. 
  • Premium Quality Products.
  • Stress-Free Solutions.

Advantages of Bathroom Exhaust Fan Installation

Overall, exhaust fans offer a straightforward and efficient way to combat the build-up of mould, mildew, stale air and foul odours within a household. Particularly for the bathroom, they are a great tool to make your experience in the bathroom a cleaner and more enjoyable one in general. 

If you are considering a bathroom exhaust fan installation or replacement, let’s look at some of the benefits, which include:

  • Replaces stale air with fresh oxygenated air.
  • Helps combat odours as well as moisture build-up in the bathroom.
  • Assists with temperature regulation in the room.
  • Reducing the humidity also lessens the prolonged damages sustained to your cabinets, paint and tiling when moisture build-up is reduced or eliminated.
  • The circulation of fresh, moving air will also add a layer of comfort to your time in the washroom.

Suppose you maybe only have one small window or limited natural ventilation in your bathroom. In that case, it may even be a requirement for you to get a bathroom exhaust fan installation service out to assist with proper ventilation. 

exhaust fan installation Sydney

What are your Options for a Bathroom Fan?

Wall-Mounted Fans

If the ceiling is not an option, wall-mounted fans are a good alternative. With a motor mounted internally in the wall, with ducting leading to an eternal vent, this is an excellent option for a discrete and effective ventilation system in your bathroom.

Ceiling Mounted Ventilation Fans

These are the ideal placements for bathroom fan installation, allowing for more efficient extraction in very moist environments such as the bathroom. Fans can be installed as a single unit or part of a 3-in-1 heating lamp, fan, and light combination.

Window Ventilation Fans

If there is a lack of roof space in your bathroom, window exhaust fans are a great alternative for your bathroom exhaust fan installation. They usually tend to be more cost-effective, and with the newer technology we have access to, these fans are no longer the extremely noisy and clunky pieces of metal they used to be.

At HP Electrical, we take pride in offering Sydney the best possible products and service we can. We conduct our installations with the utmost care and professionalism possible. 

With an extensive post-service clean up, you can rest assured that regardless of which fan installation or replacement you might be considering, we will get the job done right the first time. 

Our expert team is also happy to advise and suggest the best solutions for you should you be uncertain about which the best options are for your bathroom exhaust fan installation. With various styles and colours, we can also help strike that balance between style and functionality.

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How to Care for your Bathroom Fan once Installed

Dirt, dust and lint can pose a problem for your fan once installed, shortening its lifespan as well as possibly posing fire hazards in some cases. Keeping your fan looking clean is also essential to maintain that polished feel we enjoy from our bathrooms. 

Some cleaning tips for your bathroom fan include:

  • Regularly dusting and wiping the outside cover and vents.
  • Removing the cover and cleaning out the accumulated debris.
  • After using your bath or shower, you can also run your fan for a short period, removing residual humidity from the room. To help prolong the fans motor and reduce wear and tear, you can also pop the window or door open while running the fan to assist with air circulation. 
  • Another tool at your disposal would be to spend a little extra and to get a humidity sensor to help the fan automatically regulate your bathroom’s humidity and prevent unnecessary usage.

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