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Are you experiencing an issue with your hot water system? Give HP Electrical Contractor a call. We provide hot water repairs and new system installations. You can count on us to restore your hot water.

Hot Water Repairs Sydney

Common Issues with Hot Water Systems

Being without hot water can be a real inconvenience. You need hot water to bathe, wash your hands, clean your dishes, and wash your clothes. When your system fails, daily tasks can be difficult. 

The most common issues with hot water systems are:

  • No hot water
  • Water is discoloured
  • Quickly run out of hot water
  • It takes a long time for the water to heat up
  • Hot water has a strange odour
  • Strange noises coming from the tank
  • Water pressure is low
  • Light will not stay lit
  • Tank is leaking
  • The water is extremely hot

Hot Water System Repairs

At HP Electrical Contractor, our electricians can handle all your hot water system issues. We can repair all major brands of hot water systems. If your hot water system cannot be repaired, we can also provide a new installation.

Before you call us for hot water repairs, there are a few things you can do. These will help give us a better understanding of what is going on, and it may save you a service call.

  • Do you have cold water
  • Is there are water leak
  • Did a fuse blow
  • Is the tank set to the proper temperature
  • Do you have electricity
  • Check the pressure relief valve
  • Test the reset button

Hot Water System Installation

There are some instances where hot water repairs are not possible. In these instances, the system needs to be replaced. We understand that replacing the old hot water system may be something you do not want to do.

However, it can save you money in the future. Old systems experience a lot of issues and need constant repairs. And new systems have energy-saving technology.

Hot Water System Repairs & Installation

Choosing the Right Hot Water System

When choosing your new hot water system, you will need to determine your needs. There are small tanks that do not hold much water, but they often run continuously. However, they can be cheaper to use than larger tanks.

Larger tanks can hold more water, but they can be more expensive to run. Understanding your water usage will determine which tank you should purchase.

Top Benefits of Hiring HP Electrical Contractor

Our certified electricians are experts in the electrical field. They have extensive training and years of experience. This gives them the ability to handle any electrical job quickly and safely.

Benefits of Hiring HP Electrical Contractor for your hot water repairs:

  • We always make you our number one priority
  • Our electricians are professional and reliable
  • Have years of experience
  • Level 2 Electrician in Sydney
  • Offer high-quality electrical work
  • We offer free quotes
  • Highly knowledgeable electricians
  • Will make your experience stress-free
  • We provide satisfaction guarantee
  • Clean up the rubbish when we are done
  • Our electricians are licensed and insured
  • We are trustworthy and reliable
  • Are always safety conscious

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