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All structures that use electricity require metering. The metering measures how much electricity is used. Some structures such as industrial buildings, stratas, restaurants, and hotels use larger amounts of electricity than small homes.

Since they require a larger load of electricity, they need a different type of metering. If you have a structure that uses a large amount of electricity and requires CT metering installation, we are here to help.

CT metering-installation Sydney

What is an Electric Meter?

An electric meter is an electronic device that is used to measure the amount of electric energy used. Any building that uses electricity must have an electric meter installed. The electricity provider uses the information collected to determine the total of your bill.

What is a CT Meter?

CT meter is short for current transformer meter. It is an electrical device that is installed on connections with a load larger than 100 amps. The electrical CT meter generates a reduced current precisely proportionate to the current in the circuit.

This CT meter is then able to measure the current. For each transformer metering installation, there must also be a CT metering panel installed.

Do I Need a CT Meter Installed?

CT meters are typically installed on buildings that use an amount of electricity that is too substantial for self-contained meters. If you have a structure that requires a service greater than 100 amps, you need to have CT metering installation.

Normal households do not normally need CT metering. Larger buildings such as stratas and apartment buildings do. If you are planning on subdividing or currently use over 100 amps, give us a call to discuss your CT metering options.

CT metering is not only beneficial to the utility company. You can also monitor electricity usage. When you know how much electricity is being used, you can work on ways to reduce your electricity bill.

HP Electrical Contractor CT metering installation

1 Phase and 3 Phase CT Metering

Since we are level 2 electricians, we are able to offer a variety of metering services including 1 phase CT metering and 3 phase CT metering. Our certified electricians can install new meters and upgrade existing meters.

They can also upgrade your existing single phase meter to a 3 phase meter.

Benefits of Hiring HP Electrical Contractor

Our Level 2 electricians are experts in their field. They have the experience and training needed to perform your work efficiently and safely. We are positive you will be happy with every aspect of our service.

Benefits you will receive by hiring us:

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Call Us for Your CT Meter Installation

HP Electrical Contractor provides new CT meter installation. You are required to use CT metering when you have a connection with a load greater than 100 amps.

Are you in need of a new meter? Give HP Electrical Contractors PTY LTD a call today. We are a Level 2 Electrician in Sydney, and we are experts in CT metering.