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Here at HP Electrical Contractor, we are your local Level 2 electrician Guildford.

We service all of Western Sydney, including areas of Liverpool, Merrylands and Fairfield NSW. If you are a homeowner looking a residential/domestic electrician, we can help you out.

Our certified electricians are able to take care of all of your electrical needs. 


Level 2 electrician servicing Guildford, Parramatta, Blacktown & all areas of Western Sydney

Residential/Domestic Electrical Services Guildford

  • Changing/Installing Lights + Light Switches
  • Outdoor Lighting Installation Guildford
  • Changing/Installing Powerpoints
  • Installing Fans
  • Upgrading Supply for Air Conditioners
  • Smoke Alarms
  • Ovens and Stoves
  • Rangehood Installation Guildford
  • Electric Car Charging Stations
  • Replacing and Installing RCDs and Circuit Breakers
  • Installing/Connecting 1 and 3 Phase Machinery
  • Hot Water Systems
  • Wire and Rough in New Homes and Renovations
  • Relocate and Make Safe Electrical Equipment During Renovations
Local Level 2 Electrician Guildford

Certified Level 2 Electrician

Most jobs require a level 2 electrician Guildford to perform the work. Since we are certified by the government, we possess all of the necessary requirements to physically connect your service to the network.

There is no need to call in an A Grade electrician to perform any work. We can take care of it all. From damaged service to meter upgrades, we can complete your job from start to finish.

By leaving out the middleman you will be able to save time and money.

A Grade electricians are able to do some of the work, but in the long run, they will need to call in a level 2 electrician Guildford to finish the job because they do not possess the necessary requirements to do so.

Level 2 electrician servicing Guildford, Parramatta, Blacktown & all areas of Western Sydney

Being a level 2 electrician Guildford we are certified to perform a vast array of services including, but not limited to:

  • Switchboard Upgrades – We offer switchboard removal, replacement, and upgrades. Old switchboards can become problematic and dangerous. Continuing to use an old switchboard could lead to electrical shock and even a fire. If it contains asbestos, a known carcinogen, it needs to be removed.
Emergency Level 2 Electrician Guildford NSW
  • Disconnections and Reconnections – We are able to attach to underground service lines and overhead service lines. A level 2 electrician Guildford is required to disconnect and reconnect consumer mains. We are also able to move the point of attachment and replace service fuses.
  • Overhead Services – Overhead service is the most common type of service. We can relocate existing service and install and connect new service to the supply system. We will also replace any service fuses, service active and neutral links that may be required.
  • Underground Services – Underground power lines are a great option. They are not easily damaged by downed trees, inclement weather or wildlife. This also makes them the safest option. Having your service lines buried by an underground electrician Guildford contractor can help to limit power outages.

Level 2 electrician servicing Guildford, Parramatta, Blacktown & all of Western Sydney

  • Metering Removal and InstallationMeters can go bad and there are instances where you may need to perform an upgrade. Older meters were not designed to handle the electricity demands of today. We are able to upgrade your single phase meter to a 3 phase meter. There are many types of metering options to choose from. We will help you decide what type of meter is best for you. Since we are a level 2 electrician Guildford we are licensed to install new meters and upgrade existing meters. We offer solar meters, 1 Phase and 3 Phase Meters, off-peak meters, split electricity meters, granny flat meters and smart digital meters.
  • Private Pole Installation and Replacement – If you have a private power pole that is damaged and needs to be replaced or if you are in the market for new pole installation we can take care of the setup and connect your service to the network. If you are having a pole replaced we will also dispose of the old pole so that you don’t have to take care of this yourself.
  • Temporary Power Supplies – Construction sites often require a temporary power supply. Having this temporary power supply can provide the needed electricity for equipment and job site trailers. We will install the temporary power supply and take care of the removal when you are finished.
Best Local Electrician Guildford NSW

Level 2 electrician servicing Guildford, Parramatta, Blacktown & all of Western Sydney

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