What is a Residual Current Device (RCD)?

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RCD or Residual Current Device

RCDs are important safety features. They are installed in homes to help protect their inhabitants from unsafe electrical situations. RCD switches are vital for protecting you and your family from electrocutions and fires.

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RCD or Residual Current Device

What is an RCD in Electrical?

You may be wondering what is an RCD switch, and what is RCD protected. An RCD is also known as a residual current device. It is a switch that safeguards against electrical spikes and other problems.

When you are RCD protected, the switch will turn off the electricity the instant it detects a problem. This is a safety precaution that helps thwart electrical mishaps, fires, injuries, and even deaths. 

RCD switches are designed to constantly monitor your electricity. If it spots an issue, the RCD switch will trip, stopping the electricity immediately. An RCD switch is a safety feature that is now required to be installed in all switchboards.

Different Types of RCD Switches

There are 4 main types of RCD switches. They are:

1. Meter Box

A meter box RCD switch is installed in the switchboard. These types of RCD switches are now required by law. A minimum of two RCDs is required in a domestic installation.

2. RCD Switches and Circuit Breakers

You can add even more protection to your home by having combination RCDs and circuit breakers installed. These can often be added to your switchboard during an upgrade.

3. Portable

If you have an outlet that is not protected by an RCD, you can use a portable one. The portable RCD will only protect the device plugged into it.

4. Power Point RCD Switches

Power points are also available with RCD switches. The power points were designed to protect the appliance plugged in from damage and you from electrocution.

Power point RCD switches should always be installed anywhere water is used. This includes bathrooms and kitchens.

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What Causes an RCD to Trip?

What does an RCD do when it spots an issue? It trips the switch and turns off the electricity. There are several things that can cause the RCD to trip. Some triggers include:

  • An electrical surge
  • A Ground fault
  • Broken electronics
  • Damaged or exposed wiring
  • An overloaded circuit
  • Moisture

RCD Switch Installation

If your home was built after the year 2000, there is a good chance you have at least one RCD installed. However, it is not guaranteed. If you are uncertain if your home has an RCD switch, call HP Electrical Contractors PTY LTD to perform an electrical inspection.

Our Level 2 Electricians will be able to perform tests to determine if your home has an RCD installed. If there is an RCD switch, they will verify it is working properly. They will also discuss with you your options for RCD installation.

Protect Your Home and Family with RCD Installation

RCD switches help make it safer to use electricity in your home. If you are a homeowner interested in learning more about RCD protection, give HP Electrical Contractors PTY LTD a call today.

Our Level 2 Electricians provide RCD installation in Sydney.