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installing seperate electricity meters wetherill park nsw level 2 electrician

With housing costs ever increasing there are more people that are adding rental properties onto their homes.

If you are one of these individuals you possibly know the importance of installing separate electricity meters for each dwelling.

Do you need separate meters for your granny flat, multi-residential or commercial building?

Here at HP Electrical Contractor, we are able to help you with your electricity meter installation.

Leading level 2 electrician in Fairfield, servicing all of Sydney NSW

Electricity Meters We Install

We are able to provide you with the following electrical meter installation services.

    • 1 Phase and 3 Phase Meter Installation
    • Off-peak Meters
    • Solar Metering
    • Granny Flat Meter Installation and Split Electricity Metering
    • Smart Digital Meters

Being a level 2 certified electrician allows us to be able to install whatever type of metering that you need.

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Why Installing Separate Electricity Meters is a Must

Granny flat metering and split electricity metering are becoming more of the norm and can make things easier for you.

Installing separate electricity meters may also be the law due to the fact it will eliminate arguments over payments of a single bill.

We can assist you with installing separate electricity meters and any other electrical issues or questions that you may have.

Leading level 2 electrician in Fairfield, servicing Liverpool, Wetherill Park & Western Sydney NSW

Reasons for Separate Electricity Meters

Separate electricity meters are able to be installed if you are turning one house into a duplex.

You can separate your garage into a living space, add on a granny flat, or use the upstairs and downstairs as two separate living quarters.

If you are adding on a rental space all of the electrical circuits must be separated and this includes the metering as well.

This way there will be a bill issued for each individual dwelling.

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Do You Need a Separate Electricity Meter Installed?

Are you in need of an electrician for installing separate electricity meters? We are a level 2 certified electrician so we can help with all your metering needs.

We are able to install a new meter or an electricity submeter. Once we have completed your job we will remove any rubbish that is left. Based on the needs of your power we can recommend the ideal meter for your household.

Ensuring your appliances are kept safe and no electrical damage to them ever happens. As Quality Appliance Repair Sydney  will tell you, it is very difficult to repair a fridge, freezer or washing machine from an electrical surge.

Our electricians are experts in their field and can provide you with exceptional service. We pride ourselves on satisfaction guarantee. Click here to learn about surge protectors and how it can help you protect your appliances

Why Choose HP Electrical Contractor

Contact us today and we will schedule a time to meet with you. We will provide you with the solution that you need to get rid of your bill splitting headache.

Installing separate electricity meters will allow your tenant to know exactly what their electricity consumption is.

So, there will no longer be any guessing when it comes to splitting up one bill.

There is also a chance that meter separation could lower your electricity rate due to the fact it could remove you from the higher consumption bracket.

installing seperate electricity meters fairfield nsw western sydney electrician
electricity meter separation

Contact Us For Installing Your Separate Electricity Meters

Call or contact us today for your free quote, on 0431720172At HP Electrical Contractor, we are able to help you get rid of the hassle of rental electricity billing by installing separate electricity meters.

We are based in Fairfield East – South Western Sydney and service homeowners/customer and builders in all areas of the Sydney region including Western Sydney, Liverpool, Wetherill Park and Fairfield NSW, in installing separate electricity meters.

Leading level 2 electrician in Fairfield, servicing Liverpool, Wetherill Park & Western Sydney NSW